(Q) Is there a fee attached to the Request-A-Quote Form?

(A) No, it designed for us to review your pet’s relocation and its needs.  Cost Fees are not charged until we are hired to personalize your pets move.

(Q) What is not included in your base rates?

(A) Our base rate includes PCSPets providing you assistance with all aspects of your pet’s relocation.  Details such as: Airline Tickets, Pick-up, Delivery, Expediting Services and Special Requests are not included in our base price.

(Q) Should I sedate my pet during travels?

(A) No, the sedatives will slow down your pets respiratory system.  Many airlines will not accept a pet that has been sedated.

(Q) What size of crate should my pet travel in?

(A) Regulations require your pet to be able to fully stand, turn, and lie down without room restrictions in the pet carrier. In addition, proper carriers should also be ventilated on all four sides. Doors should metal vs plastic along with the screws and bolts holding the carrier together.

(Q) Should I feed my pet prior to travel?

(A) No. To avoid your pet from becoming sick or nauseous, we recommend you do not feed your pet at least 6 hours prior to travel.

(Q) Where will my pet travel in the aircraft?

(A) Your pet will be traveling just below the main cabin in the pressurized, heated and ventilated cargo hold of the aircraft.  The carrier is secured with fastened straps which secures the travel container to the cargo hold of the aircraft.

(Q) What type of preparations can I do to prepare my pet for travel?

(A) Provide your pet with an article that has a familiar scent i.e. pillow, blanket, bedding or clothing.  This will help to comfort your pet as well as minimizes your pet’s fear and anxiety. Prepare your pet to ensure he/she is comfortable in the pet carrier.  Place treats and toys in the  pet carrier to help familiarize them with  it, this should be done several days prior to flight or transport.

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