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The first step after inquiring about PCSPets’ services is to speak with a Precious Cargo Specialist about all the details of your upcoming move. We will be able to determine individual needs, and become familiar with our pet customer. We strive to provide  you peace of mind by providing details and answers to all your initial questions and concerns.

The second phase will then begin, and we will  personalize all aspects of your pet’s move, and provide you with an exact quote. This quote will break down all charges from start to finish. This allows our clients to agree on our proposal prior to hiring us for our services.

Once we are hired by you, we will begin the Pet Relocation process.  Finalizing all arrangements, and providing you an invoice of all fees, and  offer constant counseling pertaining to your pets move.  We will mail, email or  fax you a Precious Cargo Shipping Packet which contains valuable information such as:

  • Live Animal Stickers
  • Crate Stickers
  • Feeding Instructions
  • Crate Tags
  • Airway Bills
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Veterinary Documentation
  • Pertinent Pet Relocation instructions
  • Details about Proper Crates

We provide different levels of services so that you can choose which bundle rest fits your pet travel needs.
The services include:

  • Door-to-Door
  • Residence-to-Airport
  • Self Check In

All clients will receive the following: 

  • Constant counseling from start to finish answering all questions and concerns.
  • Booking all air travel arrangements and itineraries
  • Assistance and guidance on the purchase of proper pet carrier
  • Information on how to prepare your pet for its upcoming move
  • Instructions of proper pet check-in and pick-up at the airport
  • Detailed instructions on how to properly prepare pet carrier or kennel
  • Guidance on getting documentation USDA certified
  • Ensuring your pet’s vaccinations are current for travel
  • Assistance on receiving health certificates
  • Gathering and dissemination of travel documents
  • Invoice on all fees involved
  • 24 Hour Access to via phone or email during pet flight
  • Compliance with TSA mandated security procedures
  • Compliance with the Animal Welfare Act Regulations
  • Country specific services for international travel’s Door-to-Door option includes:

  • Booking of ground transportation
  • Pick-up at residence
  • Delivery to Airport
  • Pick-up at final destination airport
  • Delivery to final destination/residence’s Residence-to-Airport option also includes:

  • Pick-up at residence
  • Delivery to Airport

* Door-to-Door and Residence-to-Airport bundles are not included in base rates.’s Self Check-In option

Need guidance but have the ability to self-check-in/out your pet?

We provide flight arrangement and the ability to custom your move depending on your needs, no matter how big or small.

*This bundle can be applied to Military, Domestic or International Pet Travels

Ground Transportation:

At, we provide First Class Ground Transportation for your Pet(s). We are able to service the East Coast as well as neighboring states and can arrange pickup/delivery from any of the 50 States including Hawaii and Alaska. 

*This is a safe alternative to flying your pets.  Some breeds are restricted, i.e. short nose breeds, from flying and this service will allow your pet to travel domestically.

Contacting is all that you need to relocate your pet safely and professionally.



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