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At we recognize that each client presents its own set of requirements and concerns. We personalize each pet’s move and strive to meet all individual needs. Included in our base fee we provide you with assistance on all aspects of your pets move, from flight arrangements, around the clock accessibility during pet flights, guiding you through veterinary visits and purchasing the proper airline approved shipping crate. Each base rate does not include airfare costs or custom clearances. These rates vary in cost depending on a few key factors such as…

  • Location
  • Dates of the move
  • Size and weight of pet
  • Size of carrying crate/kennel
  • Airline fees
  • Special requests
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Residence- to-Airport Service
  • Reservations for Pet Services & Fly Service
  • Ticketed Passenger with a Pet Service
  • Country Specific Custom Clearances + taxes 
  • Import Permit / Approval



Pet Relocation Rates
Domestic$175 USD (First Pet)
Each additional pet is $75 USD

*Domestic includes Hawaii and Alaska

International - $375 (First Pet)
Each additional pet is $150

Military Pet Relocation Rates
As a Military Veteran owned company we understand the sacrifice each member makes.

For those who are serving and have served in the past, there are great discounts provided. This is our way of saying, “Thank You”!

*Proof of Military affiliation (.mil email or DD Form 2214 is required for discount).

Domestic -$150 
Each Additional pet is $50

International – $275
Each Additional pet is $75

* Please Note: Our Base fee does not include flight costs, veterinarian visits /vaccinations and/or micro-chipping.

Estimated Airline Rates

The airfare cost for your pet is determined by the airline.  The following key factors decide the ticket cost.   

Departure City

Size of pet

Size of kennel

Airline Carrier

Arrival City


Estimated Ticket Range:

Traveling Domestic: $250 – $875

Traveling International: $450 – $2000

We Offer Flexible Payment Plans

We allow clients including military members to make payments towards our services, as this will allow some financial freedom during your relocation.

*Ask one of our Precious Cargo Specialist today about your payment options.

Expedited Services
In addition we are able to provide Expedited Services to our customers. We typically require a notice of 14 business days for Domestic Pet Relocations and 4 weeks notice for International Pet Relocations. In the event you need expedited services, we are able to provide this for you for an expedited rate.

  • Expedited Domestic Rate: $50
  • Expedited International Rate: $75
  • Expedited Military Rate: $25 off base Expedited Rate

Precious Cargo Shipping Packet
Each of our customers will receive a Precious Cargo Shipping Packet via email prior to pet flight, that has all the information you will need to get your pet easily checked in. Among the items included are: Live Animal Crate Stickers, Feeding Instruction Stickers, Crate Tags, Airway Bill, and Flight Itinerary. 

Crates and Kennels
Included in the base rate is our Personalized Crate Preparation Guidelines, instructions to prepare your pet for travel and airline crate requirements to ensure a smooth move.

*The cost of the crate/kennel used to transport your Precious Cargo is not included in our base rate.

Payment Methods
We accept all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards to also include checks and Bank Wire Transfer

Refund Policies

If you cancel before 24 hours of booked reservations and services, we will refund your entire amount paid, minus a $75 administrative fee. Cancellations made after 24 hours, are unable to have base rate refunded. Expedited service rates are also non-refundable.

*Your pets move may be tax deductible – the IRS publication number #521 states a pet move is tax-deductible when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further details.




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